How to help people affected by unrest in Afghanistan

Both people fleeing the Taliban and those forced to stay in the country will need assistance

“The need in Afghanistan is overwhelming and growing fast as conflict escalates and drives more than 393,000 newly displaced people from their homes,” Atlanta-based relief organization CARE states on its website. “They need food, water, shelter, and protection.”

In the week since the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, the country has erupted into disarray. The Taliban took control of Kabul this weekend as the United States continued to withdraw its forces, diplomats, allies and Afghans who worked with the coalition over the course of the 20-year war.

CARE is collecting donations for its Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund to feed, shelter and protect people displaced by the conflict. You can donate at

CARE isn’t the only organization accepting donations for Afghanistan.

Child Foundation

Since 1994, Child Foundation has provided basic necessities to children living in poverty or hardship, enhancing the quality of life for these children as well as their respective families. You can donate at

Global Giving

GlobalGiving is working closely with its partners on the ground to get emergency support to people in Afghanistan. Your donation will go to vetted nonprofits working in the region to keep women, children and activists safe. The organization has a $3 million goal. You can donate at

Save the Children

According to its website, Save the Children has been a leading charity in Afghanistan since 1976, reaching more than 1.6 million Afghans in 2020. “We will not abandon our work, staff, or the communities we’ve served. Our commitment to protecting children remains unchanged.” You can donate at

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

USA for UNHCR helps and protects refugees and people displaced by violence, conflict and persecution. The organization has noted that new fighting in Afghanistan has forced almost 300,000 people to flee their homes since the start of the year, and 18.4 million more people in Afghanistan right now are in desperate need of help.

Donations to this organization will help keep USA of UNHCR on the ground, providing emergency shelter, lifesaving aid, food, medicine and clean water during this time. You can donate at

World Help

Founded in 1991, World Help is a faith-based humanitarian organization that serves the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world. It provides humanitarian, medical and educational assistance, and ensures access to clean water to as many communities as possible. A donation of $35 will provide a week’s worth of emergency food and water for one refugee in Afghanistan, its website states. You can donate at

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is not endorsing or vouching for any of these groups. The list is a starting point for your own research. Online tools are available to help you evaluate charities, including Charity Navigator and Network for Good.

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