Here’s how to prepare yourself for the COVID-19 vaccine

Here’s How to Prepare Yourselffor the COVID-19 Vaccine.Although the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in theUnited States is a bit chaotic, millions of Americanshave successfully received their doses. .With President Joe Biden now in office,distribution is expected to improve. .If you’re one of the majority sitting tight andwaiting for your turn for the vaccine, here are five things you can do to prepare yourself.1. Make sure you understand the current prioritizationplan in your area and see where your eligibility sits. .It’s important to stay up-to-date on thoseplans by checking them regularly, as changescould be made at any time. .2. Research the distribution sites being offered in yourarea and contact them to find out what their plan is. .Some places may require an appointmentand others may have a waitlist in placethat you can already sign up for. .3. If you have a primary care physician, check inwith them and talk about vaccine risk factors. .Those with severe allergies and pre-existingconditions may want some additionalinformation and reassurance. .4. Just like voting day, you shouldhave a detailed plan in place for whenyou travel to get your vaccine. .It’s important to have a plan forafterward, as the vaccine couldcause you to need a rest day or two. .5. Be honest aboutyour qualificationsand wait patientlyfor your term. .Lying about your prioritization or bookingmultiple appointments will only slow everythingdown and cause issues for everyone.