Man sets Guinness World Record for most pushups to planks in one minute

Alex Goulding already holds several Guinness World Records

When it comes to fitness, personal goals vary from person to person. For Alex Goulding, “fitness is therapy.”

“Had I not had that, god knows where I’d be right now,” he told Men’s Health.

Goulding is a fitness fanatic and finds routines therapeutic. During the pandemic, he had to find a way to keep busy and decided to tackle some fitness-related world records.

According to Guinness World Records, “he currently holds six Guinness World Records titles.” His most recent record, for “Most Push Ups to Planks in One Minute” wasn’t easy.

“It’s a difficult one because you’re trying to coordinate a plank to a push up whilst keeping the form. Obviously, you’re battling against the clock, so I’m trying to do more than one a second, which is gonna be difficult,” he explained to GWR.

Most Push Ups to Planks in One Minute - Guinness World Records

Is Alex Goulding (UK) the push up king?! 🤯

Posted by Guinness World Records on Friday, May 19, 2023

The pushup to plank movement involves starting in a high plank position, then lowering the body down on the right forearm, then onto the left.

“I’ve never done that much. I think I started off fast then fatigued quick. I’m knackered after that, but buzzing.”

Goulding’s previous record was 63 reps in one minute, but on his second attempt, he managed to get in 67 reps (though one was disqualified because he started before the timer, resulting in a total of 66 reps).

“Without a doubt, of all of my Guinness World Records titles, this is the one which is the most physically demanding on the body,” he said.

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