Here’s how to handle workplace anxiety

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How to stay calm , and manage work anxiety.Lifehack asked Kat Truman, a life coach at The Power of Change, to offer her advice forways people can cope with work-related anxiety. .Here are some of her tips.Learn to process your emotions. Find healthy outlets, and figure out how to move on. .Healthy outlets could include journaling or talking with someone about the situation and how it makes you feel.According to Truman, this step is crucial. It allows you to think clearly. .Avoid negative or judgmental thoughts about yourself. .Being overly critical of ourselves can lead to toxic feelings of anxiety. .Once you have stopped judging yourself, it's time to question your beliefs.Truman suggests that the power of perspective and positive thinking can be a game changer.An aspect of this is figuring out what you want and how you want your life to be different. .According to Truman, it's important to have a solid support system of people who are positive and encouraging.It's also important to not neglect yourself or your needs and reenergize through good self-care habits. .Good self-care habits can include meditation, yoga, quiet time, exercise, quality sleep and proper nutrition.Good self-care habits can include meditation, yoga, quiet time, exercise, quality sleep and proper nutrition.Overall, Truman suggests taking control of what you can and evaluating ways to better manage your work life.

From loathing Monday mornings to rapid heartbeats during meetings and anxious feelings during the work day, workplace anxiety can manifest in lots of ways.

While dealing with anxiety in the workplace might seem like a lonely task, a recent report from Mental Health in America revealed almost 83% of people felt drained from their jobs, and 9 out of 10 people shared that stress from their jobs has affected their mental health.

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With many employees back in the office after the pandemic, workplace anxiety is increasing. If you’re unsure of the signs of workplace anxiety, here’s what to look for:

  • feeling physically sick when thinking about work or receiving work related emails and calls
  • trouble focusing on work related tasks
  • procrastinating on projects
  • a decrease of motivation
  • struggling to get up in the morning and feeling exhausted when thinking about work

Some physical symptoms of workplace anxiety include:

  • head and neck pain
  • tension in the body
  • stomach pain or nausea
  • sweating, specifically in the palms

Some cases of workplace anxiety might be a form of PTSD. In other cases, a preexisting condition can contribute to work anxiety.

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“Being an anxious person or having a pre-existing anxiety disorder can make us more likely to experience workplace-specific anxiety,” said Annia Palacios, professional counselor with Tightrope Therapy, in an interview with Healthline.

How to manage your workplace anxiety

  • Recognize your triggers and take a step back and reassess the situation.
  • Pinpoint what’s scaring you. Is it meetings, speaking in meetings, etc.?
  • Take breaks. A quick 2-5 minute walk by yourself does wonders for a mental recharge.
  • Organize. Having a schedule or some sort of organization is appealing to the brain and can release happy hormones and boost moods.
  • Create boundaries. Don’t answer work emails or calls when you’re off the clock, for example.
  • Find time to laugh. Taking a moment to read a funny article or watch a short video can help realign your anxiety.