Dentist goes viral on TikTok calling out harmful oral habits

Dr. Wei Jian’s video has people rethinking their bad habits

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TikTok’s latest viral video comes from Malaysian dentist Wein Jian, who took the platform by storm after jumping onto the popular “three things I wouldn’t do” trend. Dr. Jian shares three common things he wouldn’t do as a dentist.

Grinding teeth

The first thing he wouldn’t do is grind his teeth, as the action can leave teeth severely damaged. According to, 30% of the population grind their teeth. While you might not think the grinding is a big deal, the human mouth has a grind force of 250 lbs. and can lead to cavities, tooth decay and breakage.

Say goodbye to toothpicks

The second thing Jian avoids is toothpicks, which can weaken and injure gums and encourage receding gums. Toothpicks can damage enamel and existing dental work and could even cause infection.

Stop biting your nails

The last — and perhaps the most common — habit Jian calls out is biting one’s nails. Nail biting can cause chips and cracks in teeth, and it can also be a cause for gaps and malocclusions — or misalignment of the bite.

This isn’t the first time a dentist has used the social media platform to spread a message of good oral health. In the summer of 2022, TikTokers were boasting about a homemade sparkling water recipe that involved balsamic vinegar. Dentists quickly took to the app to warn users how harmful acidic drinks can be to tooth enamel.

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