Hailey Bieber rocks vintage Peachtree Road Race shirt

Social buzz inspired Atlanta Track Club to rerelease the vintage shirt

Can Birth Control Pills Cause a Stroke? In March 2022, model Hailey Bieber suffered a very public hospitalization.The model had a stroke-like symptoms while eating breakfast with her pop- superstar husband Justin Bieber.In a 12 minute video, Bieber told her following about the "scariest moment of her life.".Bieber also suffers from migraines and has a hole in her heart.Doctors say those who suffer from migraines should NOT take birth control because of the increase of having a stroke.So far experts can't say why birth control and migraine cause strokes - but they are determined to figure it out.Stoke symptoms include: .Numbness on one side of the body from the face to legs.Confusion and trouble speaking or understanding speech.Trouble seeing in one eye or both.Severe headache out of the nowhere.If you or someone you know is experiencing a stroke call or text 9-1-1.

Twitter users and Hailey Bieber fans alike were on the hunt for vintage Peachtree Road Race gear after Bieber posted a picture of herself wearing a vintage t-shirt from the 1984 race.

While the Rhode Skin creator doesn’t have a Twitter account herself, there’s one dedicated to chronicling her fashion choices. There’s no word as to how Bieber got her hands on the vintage shirt, but the Twitter commotion over her look inspired Atlanta Track Club to bring it back.

For a limited time you can get a special-edition vintage 1984 tee while supplies last at Atlanta Track Club’s website.

In March 2022, Bieber was hospitalized after experiencing stroke-like symptoms and blood clots. Her husband, pop-star Justin Bieber, also had health issues, battling Lyme disease and Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

“I think honestly the silver lining in what I went through, what he went through, is it really bonds you,” said Hailey to Harpers Bazaar.

The model is used to getting attention for her fashion choices, whether it’s a vintage tee on Twitter or her covers for major magazines like Bazar, Vogue, Allure and more.