Georgia is home to nation’s best small town for wine, beer, spirits

Fast facts about Dahlonega, Georgia .In 1829, Dahlonega became the site of the second significant gold rush in the US.Dahlonega is home to the Chestatee River Diving Bell. This rare, one of-a-kind submersible from the nineteenth century .The phrase "There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills" originated in Dahlonega. .The Dahlonega Public Square is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. .A branch mint of the United States was built here in 1838 and produced gold coins for the United States Treasury until 1861

Yes, it has beautiful waterfalls, awe-inspiring views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and even gold mining, but those aren’t the reasons Travel and Leisure named Dahlonega one the nation’s best small towns in America.

It’s the area’s wine, beer and spirits.

“Home to eight wineries, a dozen wine-tasting rooms, and a new surge of craft breweries and distilleries, Dahlonega is a thriving destination for in-the-know wine and spirits enthusiasts, without any of the pomp or circumstance,” the magazine wrote in naming Dahlonega the nation’s best small town for wine, beer and spirits.

“And while Dahlonega’s wineries are what draw many, recent hotel renovations and updates from local businesses — combined with unparalleled views of the North Georgia mountains — are showing visitors that this humble town packs quite a punch with some big-city amenities,” the magazine continued.

If you’re a wine lover, head to these wineries and tasting rooms:

Prefer beer or spirits? Check out:

Dahlonega, just an hour north of Atlanta, was also on Southern Living’s list of the South’s best small towns, which came out in March.