Freeform’s latest dating show is turning heads

Freeform is adding an inclusive reality dating show to its lineup

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There are plenty of dating shows that include one person dating an entire house full of people — while others have contestants stuck on an island. At Freeform, they’re thinking outside the box and opting for something a little more inclusive.

“Love Trip: Paris” is a queer-inclusive show that follows four American singles on their journey to find love in the most romantic city in the world.

The lucky Americans are Josielyn Aguilera, Caroline Renner, Rose Zilla-Ba and Lacy Hartselle, and they’ll meet potential matches of all genders and sexualities in hopes of finding their lucky match.

“We’re so used to seeing shows that are so whitewashed and heteronormative … but let’s see the way the world has changed and has progressed,” Lacy Hartselle, one of the contestants told ABC News.

“I hope that this really breaks that glass ceiling, of letting other shows like this exist,” Aguilera said.

Reality dating shows have faced a bit of backlash for only showcasing people with a certain look, body type and sexuality. “Love Trip: Paris” plans to break that mold.

“We want to help these girls, we want them to find love,” said executive producer Susan House in an interview. “But we also want them to have the most true experience possible. We wanted to give them room to express themselves, talk about things in interviews, talk to each other, like we wanted to just give them a safe space to really live these journeys.”

“Love Trip: Paris” premiered on Valentine’s Day and can be streamed on Hulu or Freeform.