Eye Spy Common Eye Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore.

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Eye Spy Common Eye Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore.From twitches to flashes, floaters, and pain - here are five common eye issues that shouldn’t be ignored.Eye pain - can be associated with tears, inflammation, glaucoma, diseases, and infections.Flashing & floaters- from light flashes to squiggly lines - these things can be a sign of PVD...PVD - posterior vitreous detachment, or might be a tear that could lead to more damage and possible blinding if not fixed.Red watery eyes -can also be a sign of infection of the cornea aka keratitis.Keratitis - a common corneal ulcer, an inflammation or irritation of the cornea.Double vision- can mean your eyes aren’t operating properly or there could be a corneal problem.Difference in pupils- experts say it could be nothing or a sign of an aneurysm, a tumor, a brain infection, or stroke.Experts say it’s important to take eye health seriously and act as quickly as possible to either avoid or help treat issues