Experts say these are the COVID-caused changes you’ll see on cruise ships

Experts Say These Are theCOVID-Caused Changes You’llSee on Cruise Ships.In April 2020, the CDC issued a “no-sail order,”which required all cruise ships to suspend operations.That order was extended and tweaked as theCOVID-19 pandemic went on. Now, cruise ships areallowed to set sail again, but with a number ofCOVID-caused rules and restrictions.Here are 10 changes that experts say you’ll see aboardcruise ships if you decide to sail this summer.1. Face masksrequired in publicspaces, at events and during shows.2. Reduced shore excursion options.3. Detailed health screenings before boarding.4. Mandatory vaccination requirements.5. Enforcedsocial distancing.6. No self-serve buffet options.7. Guests will be encouragedto use their own bathrooms,not the public ones.8. Indoors shows that require reservationsor operate on a lottery system for tickets. .9. No more behind-the-scenes tours. .10. Amenities won’t be as readily availableand will require reservations