DoorDash driver goes viral with ‘this is why you stay broke’ video

DoorDasher shares which orders drivers should decline

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For anyone looking for a side hustle, becoming a food delivery driver can be quick and easy. That’s one reason there are currently more than two million Doordash drivers. But drivers have to be smart if they want to maximize their earnings.

One DoorDasher recently went viral for her video in which she shares the secrets to her success. Chelsea Jo, whose TikTok handle is @finnandquinn, uses her account to create DoorDash-related content.

“Hi, I’m here to help you if you’ve ever thought about DoorDashing,” she begins, getting right into the meat of her message. “Let’s talk about why you should decline some of these orders.”

In the video, Jo shares an example of why a 4.1-mile order with only a $5.50 payout isn’t worth the trouble, noting that the delivery will likely take longer than you expect.

“Now, this distance is one hell of a distance, but it says $12.50,” she says in front of a screenshot of another order. “That’s more than $5.50 … but not for 13.3 miles. Absolutely the fruit not!”

According to Keeper Tax, a good rule of thumb for making money as a food app driver is to aim for a base pay of $2 per mile.

“Ideally, you should try to go for orders above $7. Your best bet for those? Popular restaurants. They’re more likely to be busy and have a higher chance of giving you multiple dashes,” says Keeper Tax.

When considering the mileage and the order cost, she also considers the size of the tip.

“Now, this does have a tip, but it ain’t enough,” she says. “Not for that far. You gonna be starving, my friend.”