Cardi B surprises her former middle school with $100,000

Cardi B Calls Herself a, ‘Prisoner of Fame’.'TMZ' reports Cardi received backlash after allegedly making a joke about cocaine while hosting the 'Playboy' Met Gala Boom Boom After Party.On May 3, the rapper took to Instagram Live to share her frustrations. .I really feel like I’m a prisoner of fame. I can’t be myself anymore. I hate fame, Cardi B, via Instagram Live, as reported by 'The Independent'.I got offered to host this party with 'Playboy.' I make one joke as a hostess, because I’m hosting a party, and it just gets twisted. Why can every celebrity joke around but when I say it, it gets blown out of content [sic]?, Cardi B, via Instagram Live, as reported by 'The Independent'.The 29-year-old went on to say she hasn't felt like herself since 2013.Fame is just like ... I hate it here. If I could click my f------ feet three times and go back to f------ 2013 when I was just a regular b---- dancing and making money every single night, that’s where I wanna be. That’s when I was me. Not even. 2016, that’s when I was me, Cardi B, via Instagram Live, as reported by 'The Independent'.If you ever wish to be rich and famous, don’t wish to be famous. I’m so sick of it. I hate it. Why me? I feel like god cursed me with fame, Cardi B, via Instagram Live, as reported by 'The Independent'.Cardi, who deactivated her Twitter page last month, said she would get rid of all her social media accounts if she didn't have the Facebook Watch series 'Cardi Tries.'.No matter what I do and how good I try to behave, I always end up in the principal’s office. That’s how I feel about fame. I have developed this thing called anxiety because I’m scared, I’m tired, Cardi B, via Instagram Live, as reported by 'The Independent'

Cardi B seems to be in good spirits after pleading guilty in an assault case. The “WAP” rapper dropped by her old middle school in the Bronx earlier this week to donate $100,000. Cardi B said she’s been trying to visit her alma mater for over a year now but couldn’t because of COVID-19.

“IS 232 in the Bronx has a very special place in my heart!!” the “Hustler” actress said in an Instagram post, “It turned me from an 11 year old girl into a little teenage adult,” adding that kids in her neighborhood have to grow up “QUICK.”

Cardi B took the time to speak to the kids on their level, explaining to them the importance of education and what IS 232 did for her. The Grammy Award winning artist shared that the school was a big part of why she works hard and continues to achieve her dreams.

The trip to her old middle school came at the right time, as the rapper was in New York on a week-long tour orchestrated by the Community Capacity Development (CCD), a social justice organization.

“We are thrilled to welcome Cardi B back home to IS 232 in the Bronx, and we are so grateful for her generous contribution to her alma mater,” said Schools Chancellor David Banks in a statement.

In more recent news, the MTV Video Music Award winner pleaded guilty in a criminal case over a pair of brawls that took place in a New York City strip club in 2018. She’s been ordered to perform 15 days of community service.

“These moments don’t define me and they are not reflective of who I am now,” said Cardi B. “I’m looking forward to moving past this situation with my family and friends and getting back to the things I love the most—the music and my fans.”