CDC identifies 2 deadly superbugs

CDC identifies2 deadly superbugs.The report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta focuses on five antibiotic-resistant infections, or "superbugs.".The report states that overall, antibiotic resistant superbugs have killed more than twice the number of people than previously speculated. .In 2017, one such infection, C. difficile, caused almost 250,000 hospitalizations and resulted in almost 13,000 deaths."We also need new vaccines, new diagnostics and other new tools to help doctors better treat their patients or better prevent infections in the first place."- Michael Craig, CDC Advisor, via CBS News.The report does state that since 2013, deaths from antibiotic-resistant infections have fallen by 18 percent.It's likely that the over-prescribing of antibiotics has led to the new superbugs.The CDC states that antibiotics are not recommended to fight virusessuch as the flu and the common cold