9 Facts About Father's Day

9 Facts About , Father's Day.In honor of fathers everywhere, here are nine facts about the daywe spend celebrating them.1. Father's Day falls on every third Sunday in June.2. The first Father's Daywas celebrated on June 19, 1910,in Washington State.3. Sonora Smart Dodd, who was raised by a widower, was inspired by Mother’s Day to seek out a day to honor fathers.4. The first event honoring fathers took place on July 5, 1908, during a sermon in West Virginia.5. President Ricard Nixon proclaimed Father’s Day a federal holiday in 1972.6. Father’s Day was almost canceled when a movement arose to establish a combined holiday known as Parents’ Day.7. The Great Depression helped Father’s Day remain intact by forcing retailers to commercialize the holiday.8. In Europe and Latin America, fathers are celebrated on St. Joseph’s Day, which falls on March 19.9. In Thailand, the king’s birthday determines Father’s Day and is celebrated by donating blood and releasing captive animals