Lighthouse Family Retreat

Credit: spe

Credit: spe

History: For 22 years, children with childhood cancer and their families have enjoyed restorative retreats and resources to help during difficult times. The oncology nurse who founded Lighthouse Family Retreat knew first-hand about the stress families could face.

Did you know: Lighthouse has taken more than 3,000 families on various retreats. Families enjoy week-long seaside retreats in Florida, Georgia or North Carolina during the summer months. During the fall, Lighthouse hosts one-day or weekend retreats in various states. Volunteers raise money and attend the retreats to help families by serving meals, doing laundry and much more.

Motto: Lighthouse Family Retreat’s mission is to strengthen families living through childhood cancer by providing restorative retreats and helpful resources.

How you can help: Lighthouse Family Retreat welcomes volunteers with a heart of service. Registration to volunteer on a week-long retreat opens Jan. 10. Financial donations are needed to support families who participate in the program.

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