Jazz for Kids

History: Since 2003, the Rialto Center for the Arts Jazz for Kids program has taught middle school students the rich history, art, culture, and musical language of jazz. From percussion instruments to guitar, brass, and woodwinds, students learn how to appreciate and play jazz from professional musicians.

Did you know: In partnership with seven middle schools, eight to 12 students from each school participate in the Jazz for Kids before or after school program. Each month, students learn more than jazz — they learn about the value of collaboration through jazz’s musical art form of improvisation. Throughout the year, students may perform at festivals around town. At the end of the school year, parents, faculty, and the general public are treated to a musical performance by students.

Motto: The mission of the Rialto Center for the Arts is to advance creativity, innovation, and the boundaries of imagination through engaging arts, education, and entertainment.

How you can help: Individual or corporate contributions support the needs of children, such as instrument use or transportation to and from the Jazz for Kids program. Attend Rialto Center for the Arts performances, where a portion of ticket sales benefit the program.

To learn more: Visit https://Rialto.GSU.edu or email lfoster@gsu.edu or phone 404-413-9849.