Credit: spec

Credit: spec

History: For nearly 25 years, seniors with limited or no access to transportation have relied on I CARE (Interfaith Companion and Ride Express) to get to medical appointments, pick up prescriptions, and do their grocery shopping. DeKalb County residents age 55 years and older, including seniors with disabilities, can apply for this free service.

Did you know: Seniors should also have a financial or medical reason to qualify for this service. To become clients, seniors can call 404-377-2273 or complete an online application. Clients can schedule their transportation request seven to10 days in advance, and are allowed up to two rides per month.

Motto: I CARE’s mission is designed to promote the quality of life, independence, and overall health of those served.

How you can help: Volunteer as an I CARE hero by picking up seniors from their homes and taking them to their appointments. Financial donations support the organization’s ability to continue offering free transportation for seniors in need.

To learn more: Visit icareseniors.org or email coordinator@icareseniors.org.