Career Rise

History: Since 2011, CareerRise has given grants to local nonprofit organizations that focus on economic mobility, racial equity, and workforce development. CareerRise applies its unique approach by strengthening the regional workforce ecosystem and bridging the gap between employer job needs and employment opportunities for career growth.

Did you know: Since its inception, CareerRise has provided more than $10 million in grants to more than 25 organizations throughout the region. CareerRise engages with employers to understand their specific employment opportunities and needs. Grants provide organizations with the capacity to offer training and apprenticeship opportunities.

Motto: Skilled employees, good jobs, strong communities.

How you can help: Volunteers can coach or mentor employees in training on topics such as job etiquette, interviewing skills, and resume writing, Reach out to CareerRise if your organization offers apprenticeships or employment opportunities. Financial donations are always welcome and are pooled together to provide grants.

To learn more: Visit or email