Why the newest winner of 'The Bachelor' wasn't a shocker

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It's the moment Bachelor Nation has been anxiously awaiting for the big finale. And the woman who won Chris Soules's heart and the final rose is ...

"Everything about this moment feels right. And I want the world to know how much I love you," said Chris Soules on "The Bachelor."

Yes, Chris chose Whitney and popped the question in his family's barn. And we really shouldn't have been surprised.

Chris's other bachelorette, Becca, was on the fence about whether she wanted to get married and move to his hometown. In fact, she wasn't even entirely sure if she was in love with him.

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And that made both Chris and his family nervous about their budding relationship.

So, after hearing one last time that Becca wasn't ready to settle down, an overly enthusiastic Whitney automatically became the obvious choice. But that doesn't mean we were all happy about it.

The immediate reaction from most "Bachelor" fans on Twitter was outrage. One viewer even promised to throw her TV out the window because of the outcome. Yes, a promise, not a threat.

A writer for The Huffington Post said pretty much what we were all thinking: "It's pretty clear Soules went with the safe choice."

We guess only time will tell if Chris made the right choice by proposing to Whitney.

But Chris seems pretty sure of his decision. He told People exclusively, "Whitney is my soulmate. It became even more clear at the end. It just felt right."

Well, here's to defying "The Bachelor" odds and staying together.

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