7 things to do at Krog Street Market

Things to do other than eat at Krog Street Market

Everyone knows that Inman Park’s Krog Street Market is a great place to dine.

With restaurants like Suzy Sui’s, The Ticonderoga Club and Makimono, your options for scrumptious eats are aplenty.

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However, don't miss out on the additional benefits of KSM. Here are seven other ways to enjoy Krog Street Market.


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Listen to live music at Superica. As if the perfect patio and puffy tacos weren’t enough, there is even more reason to visit Superica. Live music! Meander your way upstairs to the stage area Friday and Saturday evenings for great tunes while cooling off with a chocolate chipotle stout or a Red Headed Stranger – ruby red grapefruit vodka, Campari, grapefruit juice and lime.

Lounge in The Living Room. Krog Street Market is more than a collection of restaurants; it's a sign of Atlanta's evolving culture. It's a community. Grab some friends or meet new ones in the open gathering place affectionately called the Living Room. The communal dining area works for grabbing a quick bite, enjoying a cup of coffee or people watching. If you need to jump online, KSM offers free Wi-Fi to market-goers for the first half-hour.

Sell your wares at The Collective. The Collective in not inside KSM; it sits just to the side of the market in a small historic cottage. It is still part of Krog Street Market so don't miss a chance to stop in. You'll find vintage clothing, jewelry, collectable and more from local artists and vendors. Want the chance to sell your own creations and finds? The Collective is a cooperative that is constantly looking for new talent.

FILE: Thomas Hoomes (right) shows off his lantern hat as Heather Whitman (left) and Courtney Hartnett look during a tailgate line-up at Irwin Street and Krog Street before the 2013 Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade.

Credit: Hyosub Shin

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Credit: Hyosub Shin

Jump on the Beltline. Krog Street Market sits on the corner of Irwin Street and Edgewood Avenue, with the Beltline running along the parking lot and behind Stove Works – across the street from KSM. It makes a great starting point or destination for a walk along the Beltline. Riding your bike? Not a problem. You'll find bike parking under the bridge at KSM next to Superica as well as at the lot between the Market building and The Collective cottage. Sorry, Fido will have to stay outside.

Support the Slow Flower Movement at French Market Flowers. You've heard of the Slow Food Movement, but did you know this trend has hit the horticulture market, too? French Market Flowers offers selections from "farmer florists" in the U.S. that promote smaller carbon footprints, fair labor and careful growing practices. Find a supply of bouquets and arrangements with a cottage-flower and heirloom feel.

We know it’s a small out-of-town franchise, but Jeni’s has done wonders for the ice cream paradigm in the ATL. The various shades of chocolate get all the attention, but we keep coming back this brilliant sorbet. (1198 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta. 404-355-6050, jenis.com)

Credit: Becky Stein

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Credit: Becky Stein

Bring home a pint of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. You can enjoy a scoop while visiting the market or relaxing in the Living Room, of course. But don't bypass the opportunity to bring home a pint of yummy goodness to enjoy later. Try flavors at Jeni's like Whiskey & Pecans or Pistachio & Honey. For another portable snack, walk away with the Salty Carmel ice cream sandwich. You don't have to share; we won't tell.

Indulge with a clean conscience at Xocolatl. You know the chocolate of West Africa when you eat most any commercial chocolate product. Allow Xocolatl to introduce you to something far superior. They source chocolate beans primarily from Central and South America, bring them back to their micro-factory at KSM and sort, roast, grind, temper, mold and wrap these delicacies. You can watch the process unfold before your eyes. Sample unique flavor profiles such as the Madagascar chocolate with a fruity note or the Ecuador delight with natural hints of hazelnut. Fair trade purchases, organic sugars and no cocoa butter or soy emulsifiers. Real chocolate; no guilt.

How to get there:

Krog Street is located at 99 Krog Street in Atlanta. Parking is available right ay the Market with a lot on Lake Avenue and Krog Street, on the corner of Irwin Street and Krog Street and a parking deck located across Krog Street next to the Stove Works.

Krog Street Market is open 7a.m.-9 p.m. Monday – Thursday; 7a.m. -10 p.m. Friday , Saturday 8 a.m.-10 p.m. and 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Sunday. Please note, however, that each tenant has their own hours of operations. Visit the Krog Street market website for individual dining and retail pages.