Robert De Niro crashes World Cup party In Brooklyn

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According to reports, Oscar-winning actor, Robert DeNiro, who was in the legendary movie "The Godfather" and starred in the film "Meet the Fockers", crashed a FIFA World Cup Party Thursday.

He really wanted to watch the U.S. vs. Germany World Cup game yesterday, but, unfortunately, he was filming his upcoming movie "The Intern" in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill neighborhood.

According to Business Insider, Warner Bros. sent an email to a nearby apartment building.

"Our lead actor, Robert DeNiro, would very much like to watch the World Cup game, today at 12p," the email said. The request was to put a satellite dish on the building's roof and run a cable from it down to the street, so he wouldn't miss the game.

But before that could happen, De Niro found an easier way to watch. One of the residents in the building told Business Insider, "Apparently he found a house of people watching it and joined them."