Nick Cannon challenges rappers to $100,000 battle

Nick Cannon is challenging rappers to battle him for $100,000.

The actor/producer and rapper made the declaration during a Thursday appearance on UK radio DJ Tim Westwood's show.

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“We gonna be out in the States for the BET Awards. I’m holding a $100,000 battle," Cannon said. "Whoever wants it — but it has to be someone who can put up 100 grand."

Cannon said he contacted another rapper, Tyga, but he declined.

Westwood brought up Eminem as an option, with whom Cannon has had a rivalry.

"I'm trying to find him. Where is he?" Cannon said.

What seems to be holding Cannon back is his request that whoever he battles with put up $100,000.

"It has to be someone who can put up the 100 grand," Cannon said. "They gotta have the money."

"I'm putting up 100 (grand). And they're putting up 100. Then once I win my winnings I'm donating them to a children's hospital. That's how confident I am."

As for why he's challenging rappers to battle? "Hip hop needs this."