Taylor Swift crashes wedding and it's as epic as it sounds

Looks like Taylor Swift may be moving on after her breakup with Calvin Harris.

Swift crashed a wedding, thanks to tons of planning between a mega fan and the mega singer.

The "Blank Space" performer serenaded happy couple Max Singer and his new bride Kenya Smith with that song ...

... and presented the newlyweds with one of her patented handmade cards that included the song's lyrics and the couple's name and wedding date.

The plans came to be after Swift found out from Max's sister that the happy couple actually got married in a hospital room so his dying mother could see her son marry. Max danced to "Blank Space" with his mother that day, Mashable reported.

That's when Swift agreed to go to the wedding and the private performance.

Of course it was all documented on social media as the songstress wished the Singers' well on in real life and on her Instagram account.