AJFF preview: “Against the Tide”

“Against the Tide”

“Against the Tide” is a jaw-dropping documentary about the infighting among American Jews during World War II.

While the Jewish population of most of Europe was systematically being destroyed, Jews living safely in the United States had different strategies as to what to do.

The Jewish establishment, so to speak, was represented by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, whose approach was more conciliatory, more make-nice-with-Hitler so the war wouldn’t come to be seen as a “Jewish War.” On the other side was a relative upstart named Peter Bergson who insisted the Jews of Europe were being burned while mainstream Jewish leaders in America fiddled around.

Their clash, narrated by Dustin Hoffman, is both potent and mesmerizing.

10:50 am. Wednesday. Lefont Sandy Springs, Sandy Springs Circle. Atlanta. $8-$10. Q-and-A to follow. 404-806-9913. www.ajff.org .

Eleanor Ringel Cater, for the AJC