Lawyer gets buzz for epic Super Bowl commercial

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Forget that Doritos ad with the kid in the time machine or ScarJo hawking Soda Stream: Sports site Deadspin has stumbled upon what might actually be the best ad of the Super Bowl.

Savannah personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino --yep, that's really his name -- bought a two-minute block of local advertising to prove that he is, in fact, the Chuck Norris of ambulance chasers. An ad combining the special effects of a Guns N Roses video with the plot line of a "Days Of Our Lives" episode automatically elevates itself into the pantheon of all-time epic Super Bowl commercials.

And if the response on Twitter is to be believed, Casino will probably have a boon of new business coming his way, though whether it's as a lawyer or an awesomely bad small business commercial director remains to be seen:

As ridiculous as that ad is, if I'm ever personally injured in Savannah, Georgia, Jamie Casino is my first and only phone call.

Jamie Casino and the 9/11 truther were the winners of the superbowl

i want to make it public knowledge i will gladly quit my current job and go work crew on jamie casino's next commercial.

For readers who live in Savannah: Did you see the commercial live? Did your head almost explode from all the awesome coming at you at once? Share your thoughts in the comments below.