‘Hipster Barbie’ a big hit on Instagram

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Barbie has become a hipster and is documenting her "authentic" journey on Instagram.

Wired reports that the Instagram account, Socality Barbie, was created about three months ago by a wedding photographer from Portland, Oregon. The photographer wants to remain anonymous to preserve the account's authenticity, something that is essential to the hipster lifestyle.

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The photographer created the hipster Barbie Instagram account as a humorous response to all of the #liveauthentic and #socality photos posted on the social media platform. The photographer says that so many of the “authentic” photos looked alike to her, so she wanted to illustrate that point with America’s most well-known mass-produced doll.

Though the account is satire, the work that goes into it is quite serious with great attention to detail, including the handmade clothing that hipster Barbie models in the photos.

The results have been a hit with Instagram users. So far, Socality  Barbie has earned more than 60,000 followers.