Why Waffle House is the best restaurant in Atlanta

Scoff all you want to, but it’s the truth: Those of you who reserve your WaHo visits for 3 a.m. in an adult beverage-induced haze are only getting (and remembering) half of the picture.

When Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner opened their first Waffle House in Avondale Estates in the ‘50s, they probably didn’t know that their establishment would become an Atlanta rite of passage and haven for all breakfast-lovers.

While this city has undergone a culinary revolution the past several years, one constant has remained: that shining yellow beacon of hope and hashbrowns…the Waffle House.

As someone who frequents the Atlanta staple, I give you seven undeniable reasons that Waffle House is the best restaurant in Atlanta, and always will be.

1. Pictures on the menu. How much easier can it get? You know what's going to be set before you because it's right there on your menu. No need to ask about ingredients or decipher menu items like at other dining establishments; in fact, you can literally just point to an item and it will arrive (nearly) picture perfect.

This detail is very helpful for both non-English speakers and children alike. How considerate!


Credit: Photo courtesy of Waffle House

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Credit: Photo courtesy of Waffle House

2. Breakfast served 24 hours a day. If you live in Atlanta, you know a thing or two about hour-long waits at some brunch establishments.

You may also know the heartbreak when, by the time you are finally seated, brunch is over and they’ve moved on to the dinner menu. Head on over to the WaHo and get your All Star Breakfast on, all day every day.

3. The Waffle House Index. That's right, the GOVERNMENT turns to Waffle House when tracking emergencies. Waffle Houses are open 24/7, so when they adjust their menu or close (the horror!), FEMA knows how bad things really are and reacts accordingly. Amazing.

4. High speeds and low prices. You'll likely get your meal within 10 minutes and even more likely, your bill will be spectacularly low. A couple can easily walk out of Waffle House for under $20, even if you splurge and get your hashbrowns scattered, smothered, covered and diced. Talk about efficiency!

5. The service. You will undoubtedly be called "darlin,'" "sweetheart," or "honey" at any Waffle House. The ladies and gentlemen who serve you do so with a smile on their face and the kind of southern charm you can only find at the World's Leading Server of T-Bone Steaks.

6. They're everywhere. Go ahead, try not to find a Waffle House near you. There are over 2,100 locations in 25 states, most of which are located in the Southeast.

There are 16 alone in the perimeter. It’s comforting to know that a waffle is never far away.

7. Cheese 'N Eggs. Nuff said.