In search of ... diet busters

Oh yawn. We're already into the new year again. New starts. Resolutions. That perky sense of renewed affirmation to do things that are good for us. What I wouldn't give for a cheeseburger drenched in chili or a doughnut with the daily caloric count of an Olympic swimmer's diet. Wait a tic: I can have those, plus more, any time. C'mon, cheat on that diet you started last week. It's so much more fun to be bad.

Dutch Monkey Doughnuts (not rated)

3075 Ronald Reagan Blvd., Cumming, 404-432-5130, www.dutchmonkey

Martin Burge and Arpana Satyu have the culinary pedigrees to launch whatever restaurant they might try their oven mitts at (she's a French Culinary Institute grad; he's a graduate of CIA -- both have experience at some of New York's most prestigious joints -- Gotham Bar & Grill, Craft, Mesa Grill. And they both worked for Tom Catherall in Atlanta.). So what did this couple decide to mix up? A doughnut shop -- the kind that serves fat, yeasty doughnuts in flavors such as buttered maple bacon and buttermilk cake, all served in a sweet shop that's as cute as a cupcake, um, doughnut.

Worth-blowing-your-diet rating: 10+

Flip Burger Boutique

1587 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, 404-352-3547,

Nothing says "fattening" quite like the Southern-inspired country fried burger from Flip, stacked with house-made pimento cheese and bread-and-butter pickles. Sure, it lacks the common sloppy mess of a chili-cheese burger (dang if that's not fun), but it covers all the major food groups, right?

Worth-blowing-your-diet rating: 8

The Varsity (not rated)

61 North Ave., Atlanta. 404-881-1706, (other locations in metro area and Athens)

Nobody needs to tell you about the Varsity anymore. You know to go for a fix of rings, a Frosted Orange and a chili cheese slaw dog. Don't forget to have a fried peach pie for dessert. Or as an appetizer. It all ends up in the same place ... on your hips.

Worth-blowing-your-diet rating: 9

Community Q BBQ (not rated)

1361 Clairmont Road, Decatur, 404-633-2080,

Never mind the beef brisket, pink-tinged around the edges and loaded with smoky flavor. Forget about the beef ribs with their deep, caramelized crustiness that gives way to tender meat. It's the macaroni and cheese that has everyone drooling. Owner David Roberts makes a three-cheese medley that will make you look twice at the meat on his menu. OK, maybe not. Just don't go without trying it.

Worth-blowing-your-diet rating: 9+