Bites for Go Guide

John Kessler

Fried oyster sliders

I recently picked up some Willapoint Pacific oysters on special at Super H Mart. These plump shucked oysters fry up crisp, juicy and meaty enough to hold their own in a slider. I had the terrific oyster sliders that are a signature dish at the Dutch in New York in mind as I started tinkering. Find my step-by-step guide to making the sliders on the Food & More blog.

Jenny Turknett

Gluten-free flour

I’ve discovered the locally produced Sugar & Spice Market flour, a cup-for-cup all-purpose flour substitute. Previously I’ve used Cup 4 Cup, a similar product developed at the French Laundry. In quick breads, the Cup 4 Cup results in the gummy texture common to gluten-free products. I much prefer the texture of quick breads made with the Sugar & Spice Market blend.

Jon Watson

Coca-Cola recipe

Cliff Kluge of Ringgold purchased the belongings of a deceased chemist at an estate sale in Chattanooga, Tenn., the home of the first Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Among the belongings, Kluge found what he believes to be a copy of the original Coca-Cola recipe typed up in 1943. He’ll sell it to you on eBay for a mere $15 million.