Bites for Go Guide

John Kessler

Apple ale

Did you see the Redd’s Apple Ale commercial that aired during the Super Bowl? Are you curious to try this new apple-flavored beer, which happens to be brewed in Albany? MillerCoors — the beer giant that makes Redd’s — sent a couple of sample bottles to the paper. I found the flavor kind of damp and one note, with a weird apple sweetness on the finish.

Jenny Turknett

Macaron obsession

At Thanksgiving, they were cornmeal with molasses buttercream, and Christmas brought peppermint with dark chocolate ganache. Such has been my recent obsession with macarons. Making them requires a little skill, practice and definitely patience. If that’s a challenge that doesn’t tempt, check out my list of where to find macarons at bakeries throughout the metro area.

Jon Watson

Cochon 555

Cochon 555, the traveling pig-tastic culinary competition, is celebrating its fifth anniversary on tour. It stopped in Atlanta last weekend with a mind-blowingly overwhelming amount of world-class pork dishes. Did you attend? Let us know on our blog what you thought of the event.