Atlanta restaurant burgers that taste like backyard grilling

Summer may officially be over, but that doesn't mean burger season has to be. While many home cooks have hung up their aprons and covered their grills, there are plenty of Atlanta spots to grab great burgers. When searching for the best burgers, let us lead you to between-the-buns bliss.

Holeman & Finch Public House

Some believe the list could start and end here. What started as a quirky late night offering to industry folks exploded into burgers with cult status. For years, exactly 24 double stacked cheeseburgers were served at 10 p.m. to folks waiting as long as three hours for the privilege. The burger gained so much popularity, H&F had no choice but to add it to their regular menu. This famed burger is made up of a guarded ratio of beef chuck and brisket, freshly baked buttered and griddled buns, onions, mustard, pickles and good old American cheese. This burger has spawned a bakery, a dedicated H&F Burger spot in the new Ponce City Market and Turner Field.


While Bocado's juicy double stack may seem similar to the one mentioned above, there are delicious differences. First off, this burger has spawned a standalone burger restaurant at Avalon in Alpharetta. The beef patties are a blend of short rib, brisket and chuck. The fresh buns are of the sesame seed variety, with the burger finished with bread and butter pickles and house made mayo. Whether you try the original location on the west side or the offshoot at Avalon, you cannot go wrong.


Although Top Chef Richard Blais has left the building (and the state), his burger boutique remains. This modern joint also offers a "stack" burger akin to Bocado and H&F, but the draw is the slate of off-the-wall combos like a chorizo burger with hash browns, fried egg, grated Manchego and smoked mayo. Fans of raw steak or tuna can get tartar burgers; others may go with grilled bison. No matter the burger, a side of sweet potato tots or crisp vodka-battered onion rings and a Nutella-burnt marshmallow shake are a must.


This hip and polished newbie is tucked into the back corner of Chastain Square. Tender burgers are cooked to order, presented medium-well unless you say otherwise. Sweet potato or regular fries of the shoestring variety demand a visit to their sauce bar, featuring Thai ketchup, chipotle mayo and toasted marshmallow sauces.

Moxie Burger

Family friendly, family run, named after a beloved family pet; what more could you ask for? The Southern-inspired Moxie burger totes a double ground Angus beef patty, topped with a fried green tomato, crisp bacon and oozes with pimento cheese and a secret sauce. Other burger varieties include succulent lamb with caramelized onions, goat cheese and Creole chili sauce.