Could one of these actresses be the next Wonder Woman?

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And according to Variety, Warner Bros. may be coming close to finding the actress who will play her.

According to unnamed sources, "Fast and Furious" actress Gal Gadot is being considered, (Via Universal Pictures / "Fast Five")

French beauty and "G.I. Joe: Retalitation" star Elodie Yung, (Via Paramount Pictures / "G.I. Joe: Retaliation")

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And Ukranian-born model and Bond girl Olga Kurylenko. They reportedly have already or will test for the role of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. (Via MGM / "Quantum of Solace")

Sources say the call could be for Bruce Wayne's love interest. But the casting description of "tall, brunette, athletic, and exotic" definitely calls Wonder Woman to mind. (Via Wikimedia Commons / ABC Television)

Earlier this week, movie news site Schmoes Know reported they learned from a reliable source that Olga had already tested for the part —

But other sources claim there could be still more starlets coming into the mix. Recent reports say "Thor" actress Jaimie Alexander wanted to be considered, but she has an obligation to Marvel, which takes her out of the running for DC Comics flicks. (Via Cinema Blend)

The Wonder Woman character has had a hard time getting on both the big and small screens in the past. Despite several attempts at a new TV show in recent years, the only one that's worked was Lynda Carter's back in the '70s. (Via Bruce Lansbury Productions / "The New Adventures of Wonder Woman")

It's not clear if Wonder Woman and her Magic Lasso will appear as a cameo or a main character in "Batman vs. Superman." But if she does make it into the flick, she'll join the likes of The Flash and other Justice League members.

Warner Bros. has already announced the return of "Man of Steel's" Henry Cavill as Superman, and Ben Affleck is slated to play Batman. "Batman vs. Superman is expected to hit theaters in July 2015. (Via Warner Bros. Pictures / "Man of Steel")

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