'Carrie' prank causes freakout at NYC coffee shop

How would you react if telekinesis was real? Well, we imagine it would look something like this. (Via YouTube / CarrieNYC)

Those were terrified customers at a coffee shop in West Village, Manhattan after a young girl seemingly slammed a man against the wall using other-worldly powers. (Via Business Insider, YouTube / Carrie NYC)

But before you start freaking out yourself, we’ll go ahead and let you know the scene wasn’t real.

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It was actually a publicity stunt designed to promote the upcoming horror film remake "Carrie," which stars Chloe Moretz as the shy outsider who terrorizes a town with her telekinetic powers after being pushed too far by a prank at prom. (Via Variety, Sony Pictures)

To pull off the stunt, a team from ThinkModo set up a fake wall rigged with wires to lift one of the actors into the air after he "pretended" to spill coffee on a young woman's laptop. (Via The Huffington Post)

They also used remoted control tables and spring-loaded books to make it look like the young actress was controlling the room with her mind. (Via Gizmodo)

As of Tuesday morning, the video was at nearly three million views on YouTube.

But this isn’t the first time filmmakers have used a publicity stunt or prank to promote an upcoming movie …

To promote the 2012 movie "Chronicle," which also featured characters with superhuman abilities — the team at Thinkmodo set up a publicity stunt to create the illusion that people were flying high above New York City. (Via 20th Century Fox, YouTube / ChronicleNYC)

“Carrie” is a remake of the classic 1976 film with the same name. The movie is set to hit theaters on October 16th.

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