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A look inside the 'Walking Dead' theme park ride

The forthcoming "Walking Dead" theme park ride will take fans through locations from the Georgia-based series, including Terminus and Woodbury, according to concept art from the ride's designer.

Illustrations of Sally Corp's "The Walking Dead: Battle of Survival" show riders entering through an exterior styled like Terminus, a one-time sanctuary in the series, and then riding through both Steve's Pharmacy and Woodbury (which actually filmed in Senoia) while battling walkers.

The illustrations also show the loading area for the ride and the scoreboard which displays at ride's end.

Sally Corp recently previewed the mixed-media attraction, which has been in development for a year and is now being pitched to multiple theme parks, Rich Hill, Sally's creative director, told Inside the Magic.

Though there is no location or timeline in place, Hill said the ride is "going to be an anchor attraction for some park."

"Walking Dead" effects head Greg Nicotero is approving the ride's features, Hill told Inside the Magic.

"Battle of Survival" is a dark (meaning indoor) ride featuring projection screens, 3D glasses and interactive elements, Hill said, as well as animatronic walkers and real fire, water and wind elements.  The ride, which was previewed at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions annual expo, will also feature characters from the series, Hill said.

Riders will be able to choose their own weapon (from among the "TWD"'s iconic ad-hock armory, such as the katana and crossbow) and the attraction will have multiple endings, he said.

"The whole point is to collect supplies and defend yourself against walkers," he said.

In one possible ending, the rider is unsuccessful — ending in the wrong kind of feast.

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