Atlanta’s Lil Nas X thanks Billy Ray Cyrus with a $150K gift

Country music star Cyrus joins the Lithia Springs grad on his hit song ‘Old Town Road’

Lil Nas X Gifts Billy Ray Cyrus a Maserati Following 'Old Town Road' Success The hit country-rap remix has been at the top of the charts for seven weeks. Lil Nas X decided to celebrate the occasion by gifting Cyrus with the car he mentioned in the song: Billy Ray Cyrus, via "Old Town Road" The 20-year-old rapper took to Twitter to document the surprise. Lil Nas X, via Twitter Cyrus answered the door in a state of shock. The two raced off in the Italian sports car while Cyrus exclaimed, "Holy Smo

Atlanta rapper Lil Nas X might take his horse to the “Old Town Road,” but his collaborator Billy Ray Cyrus is gonna cruise down that road with 454 horses.

That’s the horsepower of a Maserati GranTurismo, which Cyrus now owns thanks to Lil Nas X.

“Wait a minute ... there’s no way ...” Cyrus says in a video posted on Twitter.

Country music veteran Cyrus joined the Lithia Springs High School grad, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, on the hit song “Old Town Road,” which was removed from the Billboard country music charts.

If you recall in the song, Cyrus sings: "Baby's got a habit: diamond rings and Fendi sports bras. Ridin' down Rodeo with my Maserati sports car."

"I loved the song the first time I heard it. Country music fans decide what they like. Not critics or anyone else," Cyrus said in a statement, according to the Washington Post. "Waylon Jennings once told me every once in a while the industry outlaws someone because they're different. Country music fans don't need to be defined by critics. I've always said, don't think inside the box, don't think outside the box. Think like there is no box. So, I'm honored to collaborate with Lil Nas X on 'Old Town Road.'"

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The genre-bending single has spent 11 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart — seven of those weeks at No. 1. It also set the single week streaming record.

The catchy tune earned the title with 143 million U.S. streams, far surpassing the record set by Drake with “In My Feelings,” which drew 116.2 million streams.

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Both Lil Nas X’s original version of “Old Town Road” and the remix featuring Cyrus counted toward the streaming total.

The official video for the song is a five-minute movie filled with celebrity cameos, including Chris Rock, Rico Nasty, Vince Staples, Diplo, Ha Ha Davis, Jozzy and the song's producer, YoungKio.

On Monday, Wrangler launched a new collection inspired by the song. Lil Nas X sings, "Cowboy hat from Gucci / Wrangler on my booty."

The limited-edition capsule collection includes denim pants, shorts, tops and T-shirts.

Not everyone was excited about the partnership between the rapper and Wrangler, saying it was making a mockery of the country music genre and cowboy culture.

Despite the backlash, many of the items from the collection are selling fast. The shorts are already out of stock, but Wrangler said it plans to make more.