Speed cameras installed at five Gwinnett County schools

Police say they deter speeding

The Gwinnett County Police Department has installed new speed enforcement cameras near five schools.

The cameras are part of the department’s School Zone Safety Program. The program not only strives to record and cite drivers who exceed the speed limit near schools — police say it deters speeding to make the roads around a school safer.

Enforcement camera provider Red Speed estimates Gwinnett locations equipped with speed cameras have seen violations reduced by 50% since their installation, according to the police department. Red Speed uses traffic data to determine the locations of cameras.

There are now 16 speed cameras operating at 12 Gwinnett schools — some campuses have multiple cameras nearby. The new cameras were activated Aug. 28 at the following schools:

  • Brookwood High School – 1255 Dogwood Road and Holly Brook Road, Snellville
  • Meadowcreek High School – 4455 Steve Reynolds Blvd., Norcross
  • Starling Elementary School – 1725 Grayson Highway, Grayson
  • North Gwinnett Middle School – 170 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Sugar Hill
  • Richards Middle School - 3555 Sugarloaf Parkway, Lawrenceville

The cameras only operate on days students are in a school for an hour before classes start and an hour after they end. A car traveling 11 miles per hour faster than the speed limit and captured on the cameras will trigger a citation.

Speeding captured by the cameras is considered a civil violation rather than traffic or moving violation under state law. The citation results in a monetary fine but not a report to the vehicle owner’s insurance or points on a driver’s license.

The first violation is $75 and subsequent violations are $125. There is a $5 admin fee added on to all violations.

Police say funds from the citations cover the costs of the safety program.