Principal: Gwinnett students face discipline for hitting peer with belt

The students also reportedly used racial slurs

Credit: Courtesy of Gwinnett County Public Schools

Credit: Courtesy of Gwinnett County Public Schools

A student at Gwinnett County’s Radloff Middle School reportedly used racial slurs against a classmate and then hit her with another student’s belt, according to a letter from the school principal to students’ families.

Principal Jennifer Callahan said in the letter the student who used the belt and the student who provided it are facing disciplinary consequences for engaging in “inappropriate and despicable behavior.”

She said the incident occurred just before spring break. Neither she nor the district provided identifying information about the students.

The parents of the student who was reportedly hit raised concerns in an interview with Channel 2 Action News that the teacher should have done more to address the situation immediately. The station reported the district is investigating the teacher. The district was not able to provide further details Tuesday.

Upon learning of the incident, Callahan said administrators immediately took action and the district’s human resources department launched an investigation.

“I want to be clear,” Callahan said, “hitting students and/or directing racial slurs at people will not be tolerated at Radloff Middle. It is a violation of our student disciplinary code, and violators will face serious disciplinary consequences.”

She said the incident doesn’t reflect the school or its students and asked families to not allow “the inexcusable unacceptable behavior of two students to tarnish the reputation and inclusive culture of our school.”