Gwinnett County students praised for aiding woman near school

Students helped her during a medical emergency

Credit: Courtesy of Gwinnett County Public Schools

Credit: Courtesy of Gwinnett County Public Schools

Three Gwinnett County teens are being hailed as heroes and credited with helping save the life of a woman near their school.

Hussain Fahad, Brian Nguyen and a classmate who declined to be identified were about to leave the Berkmar High School campus after completing an Advanced Placement exam on a recent school day.

The school sits on the busy intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Lawrenceville Highway, so traffic is a normal sight. But the three sophomores noticed something unusual was holding up the vehicles on Pleasant Hill Road — a woman in the roadway, apparently having a medical emergency.

Motorists honked their horns and told her to move, Fahad said in school district news release Thursday, adding, “I felt like the man in the Camaro was going to run her over.”

The students recognized that she needed help and rushed into the road to help the woman onto the sidewalk.

Nguyen said the situation was shocking, most of all because of the drivers’ behavior.

“We couldn’t believe it; the cars were just honking at her, and no one was helping her. You should always help people in distress,” he said.

The three students called 911 and spoke to emergency personnel as they carried the woman safely to the school campus. Paramedics treated her there before taking her to the hospital. The district didn’t say what ailment struck the unidentified woman, but reported that paramedics said she may not have made it without the students’ intervention.

“I am so proud of all three of these young people,” Berkmar Principal Durrant Williams said. “The heroics they displayed on this day, saving the life of a Berkmar community member, should be shared all over the world. This is a reminder that our students and this young generation are caring, empathetic individuals. It’s the actions of students like Hussain, Brian, and their classmate that reminds us of all the good in this world!”