Georgia putting more money into school safety

Credit: Ty Tagami

Credit: Ty Tagami

Georgia is allocating additional millions of dollars for school safety.

Gov. Brian Kemp announced the funding Thursday at the conclusion of a three-day conference on school safety in Columbus.

The event, much of it closed to the public, was led by the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency.

Part of the conference focused on an update of 5-year-old safety guidance for schools. The rewrite was done with help from a U.S. Department of Justice grant and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia. The new documentation, according to GEMA, offers a new guide and template for school administrators as they write local safety plans.

Among the new grants:

  • $2.6 million to enhance training for school police.
  • $182,000 to buy 210 tactical kits for school police.
  • $1 million for regional and other school safety training, including for instructors, plus new reference guides.

The state is also issuing $4.5 million in competitive grants to local and state law enforcement to train for school safety, use-of-force and de-escalation and to pay for mental health resources.

And Georgia is seeking federal grants totaling $3 million to train school police and staff and to improve the “climate” in schools.