Northside Supports Nurses

Longtime Employee Empowered to Provide Exceptional Service to all

For the past decade, Katrina Denson has been at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. She is currently the Clinical Manager in Family Centered Care, the postpartum department, but she has also worked in the Center for Perinatal Services. We spent a little time talking with Katrina about Northside and what has motivated her to work there for so long.

AJC: What is the best thing about working at Northside?

Denson: There are so many great things about working at Northside Hospital but at the top of my list is the focus on providing the staff the tools and resources needed to provide exceptional service to each patient and each other, extensive community involvement, diversity and the sense of family instead of work.

AJC: What in particular do you enjoy about working in Family Centered Care?

Denson: I always say one of the great things about working in Women Services is the volume. We deliver more babies than any other hospital in the country! We have so much support for our moms and babies. It’s great to work for an organization with such a great reputation in every service line. We do more surgeries than any other hospital in the state. Our bone marrow transplant patients have some of the best survival rates of any program across the country. I love walking into a grocery store, Walmart or my daughter’s school with some Northside Hospital paraphernalia and have people come up to me to discuss an awesome experience they had at Northside Hospital.

AJC: What would you say to a nurse who may be considering Northside as a place to work?

Denson: Northside Hospital will ensure that you are oriented and equipped with the tools you need to be successful in your career. Our orientation programs are extensive. In Women’s Services for example, the orientation is from 14 – 20 weeks with a preceptor before working on your own. That orientation includes classroom time as well on hands-on experience.