What the employees say about Cancer Treatment Centers of America



What the employees say about Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

"Encourages me to be the best I can be at what I do, provide excellent care for my patients, and be understanding and compassionate with my patients and co-workers."

"Has a solid ethic of love and compassion written into its corporate foundation. It has exceeded any and every expectation I had when I started. It is a wonderful place to learn the absolute joy of serving other human beings."

"Provides a positive working environment for all employees."

"Truly operates according to its mission, vision and values."

"How patient-oriented the company is. I’ve never worked for such a caring hospital before and it’s very refreshing."

"They give me the autonomy to own my work and put a high emphasis on teamwork, team-building and morale."

"Everyone has been great with making you feel like one of the team and not the new person. Walking in the building gives you a sense of pride of wanting to be here and be part of something great."

"I love that I have a close relationship with my manager, which allows me to feel that it is okay to voice my opinions and ideas."

"I have the ability to have an amazing work-life balance. I feel that CTCA truly understands the importance of family inside and outside of work."

"The team members are very compassionate toward patients and inspire me to be the same."

"Everyone has each other’s back and is always looking out for one another."

"I feel like my job matters and that I can truly be a nurse at CTCA. At other hospitals I have worked, I was merely a number on the assembly line."

"Working in such a professional atmosphere and side by side with professional individuals who have a true desire for the well-being of our patients is such a great opportunity."

"As stakeholders, we are valued just as much as the patients are and our opinion counts."

"I feel comfortable voicing my opinions and concerns to my managers. My department always comes up with new ways to improve our jobs."

"I love that we are encouraged to pray with our patients and expected to go the extra mile for both patients and co-workers."

"I can work at home some of the time. I have all items needed to complete my job. I feel appreciated after a day’s work."

"CTCA promotes a healthy, loving environment, and that is evident in everyone that they take the time to hire."

"I get training for my career in the most specialized place for my field in study."

"I’m always encouraged to increase my knowledge and am given the tools to do it, My manager is always checking in and wanting to know how things are going — knowing that when employees are happy, this creates positive growth."

"It is a happy, hopeful, joyous workplace. The hierarchy doesn’t make me feel small. I am valued."