UPS launches tech firm to help merchants find warehouse space

5 things to know about UPS 1. UPS was founded in Seattle in 1907 as the American Messenger Company. In 1919, the company became United Parcel Service. 2. In 1991, UPS moved its headquarters to Sandy Springs, Ga., from Greenwich, Conn. Atlanta beat out Dallas and Baltimore, the other HQ site finalists. 3. UPS has 444,000 employees worldwide, delivering 18.3 million packages and documents daily. In 2015, UPS delivered 4.7 billion packages and documents total. 4. UPS boasts 9.8 million customers, serves over

UPS says it has launched a technology company to help businesses selling products online to find warehouse space.

It is aimed at helping small businesses with e-commerce and getting products delivered, through a digital platform to match merchants with available warehouse space.

It’s also a way for for UPS to sell its two-day delivery services to those businesses.

The UPS company, called Ware2Go, launched in July with incubation firm BCG Digital Ventures as a minority owner.

Atlanta-based Ware2Go recruits, inspects and certifies warehouses for its network of companies that can fulfill orders. The types of warehouses that join the network already offer services to pick and pack items, but may not have salespeople to find customers to use their unused warehouse space.

By finding warehouse space to use, merchants can “position products closer to their customers without the need for researching or vetting providers, or making long-term volume and time commitments,” UPS said in a press release. “Rising rental rates, coupled with e-commerce growth, have shifted warehousing from large centralized sites to localized facilities across major markets.”

Merchants using Ware2Go are primarily selling to other businesses and are in the industrial, automotive and tech sectors, according to UPS.

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