UPS to add more alternative fuel vehicles to fleet

Source: UPS

Source: UPS

Sandy Springs-based UPS said it plans to add more alternative fuel vehicles to its fleet.

The move comes as e-commerce growth drives up the shipping giant's use of fuel.

UPS, which operates 8,300 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, said its goal by 2020 is for such vehicles to make up one in four of its newly-purchased vehicles.

Its alternative fuel vehicles include electric, hybrid electric, hydraulic hybrid, compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas and propane vehicles. It also has composite body vehicles.

Nearly 20 percent of the ground fuel the company uses is fuel other than gasoline or diesel. By 2025, UPS said its goal is for alternative fuel to make up 40 percent of its ground fuel used.

Its goal is for 25 percent of its electricity to come from renewable energy sources by 2025, and the company is working on solar energy systems at eight facilities.