My Style: Threcia Johnson, RN, CCRN

Age: 35

Occupation: Registered nurse, ICU/IMCU, Gwinnett Medical Center-Duluth

Signature style: "Original and creative, an expression of my artistic personality. The originality and creativity keeps my style trendy and timeless. My jewelry, Threcia, depicts my signature style."

Best finds: "My best finds are from DSW. I always find designer shoes at low prices."

Fashion weakness: "It's hard to resist buying jewelry supplies. The dazzle of charms, rhinestones or other jewelry supplies triggers creative thoughts of jewelry making."

Favorite stores: "DSW, Off Broadway Shoes, Nord-strom, Marshalls, H&M, New York & Company, Express and Hobby Lobby."

Fashion inspiration: "My inspiration comes from life lessons, the community and creativity. I was taught to always look my best. The beauty of Mother Nature inspires me."

Pet peeve: "An outfit that is not coordinated."

Best fashion compliment: "I love your style!"