GE plans 250-job center in Atlanta


GE plans 250-job center in Atlanta

General Electric plans a 250 job digital operations center in Atlanta, officials announced today.

The Connecticut-based company center will make a $3 million investment in the new center, which will employ a range of engineers, techies, operations and service desk staff, according to the release by state and GE officials.

The new center is part of the company’s efforts to centralize “digital capabilities from across GE in a single organization,” the announcement said.

“These new positions will join the growing IT organization within GE Digital that is helping GE become the premier digital industrial company,” said Chris Drumgoole, vice president and chief technology officer of GE.

In a parallel announcement, GE and the governor of Rhode Island today also announced plans for a high-tech office in that state. The office could employ “hundreds of people,” according to an Associated Press report.

Early this year, the huge company announced plans to shift its headquarters to Boston.

Before making the announcement, GE had done some high-profile shopping around for offers. Atlanta and Georgia officials were among those who made an effort to lure the company.

Drumgoole praised “the top talent in Atlanta,” but also “inclusive business environment across the state.”

Gov. Nathan Deal, whose office released the news about GE’s plans, this spring vetoed a controversial “religious freedom” bill that critics said potentially opened the door to discrimination against gays.

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