Olympic mural making reappearance at Hartsfield-Jackson

The well-known Atlanta airport mural of kids at Centennial Olympic Park is making a temporary reappearance, before it is replaced by a digital screen.

Since last spring, the mural had been covered up by a Porsche ad, as first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Different Porsche ads have since appeared in the space, which appears at the top of the main escalator from the people-mover tunnel to the domestic terminal.

Travelers in recent days may have noticed the mural at the world’s busiest airport is again on display. But don’t get your hopes up — Hartsfield-Jackson spokesman Reese McCranie says it’s only temporary.

The mural will be replaced by a digital screen, now scheduled to be put in place in late February or early March, according to McCranie. In the interim, it’s possible another ad could go up on top of the mural.

The airport has the original digital file of the mural, but hasn’t yet determined what will happen with the mural once the screen goes up, according to McCranie.