Intown Kroger to be part of mixed-use tower

The Ponce de Leon Avenue Kroger that has a loyal clientele and a notorious nickname is about to get a major makeover.

The Cincinnati-based chain is partnering with developer New City on a mixed-used tower that will incorporate a new 60,000-square-foot Kroger below 360,000-square-feet of office space.

“Our goal for 725 Ponce is to build on the incredible momentum of Ponce City Market and the BeltLine,” New City founder Jim Irwin said.

“It’s exciting to be able to partner with Kroger to revitalize the property and have an opportunity to design a new building that fits within the context with the historic structures next door and adds another layer to the urban landscape.”

The project will break ground in the spring.

Kroger will demolish the current store, built in 1986. The new store will be adjacent to the Atlanta BeltLine with a dedicated entrance directly on the path.

Kroger spokesman Glynn Jenkins said the new store will include an expanded selection of natural and organic foods, extensive prepared foods, “Click List” online grocery ordering, and other amenities.

The project will include more than 900 underground parking spaces to serve future office tenants. Evenings and weekend parking will be available for BeltLine and Ponce City Market visitors.

The current Kroger is known by some as “Murder Kroger” owing to crime incidents over the years, including a car-theft-turned-killing in its parking lot last spring. The store bills itself as the “BeltLine Kroger.”