How one Marietta woman went from beauty queen to plumber – to CEO

Secrets of Success

When Mitzi Moore's marriage fell apart, the stay-at-home mom and former Miss Georgia Southern needed to reinvent herself.

She started working for her dad's plumbing business, answering phones. She liked the atmosphere and possibilities so much that she became a master plumber, then launched a new plumbing business after her dad sold the first venture. Now, Moore's Marietta-based Sundial Plumbing has 38 employees. It generates $3 million in revenue, down a third from pre-recession days. To learn how Moore, now 53, nurtured the business and hunts for innovation check out her story on our premium website,

Moore’s tips

1. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. That's how you learn how to fix what needs fixing.

2. Bring the right tools: education, enthusiasm, energy, thoroughness.

3. Don't be too stubborn to get help.

4. Do the little things right, consistently.

Roll up your sleeves. Be prepared to work hard and late.

5. Get a good banker. Also a good accountant (not a bookkeeper).


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