How a Marietta man, who doesn't speak Spanish, launched a Spanish-language magazine

Secrets of Success

One man’s success comes in a foreign language

How does a guy who doesn't speak Spanish and isn't particularly handy with a hammer launch a Spanish-language magazine for construction workers? Kevin Kilpatrick found a way, though the recession knocked the building industry's teeth in only a few months later.

Kilpatrick said his Marietta-based magazine, Constru-Guia al dia, has become one of the nation's most circulated Spanish-language publications for men. He expects to generate about $2 million in sales this year with a business that includes radio as well as 320,000 magazines distributed free each quarter at 1,100 Home Depots and 200 convenience stores. Kilpatrick's first step was starting his own marketing and advertising consulting firm. Read how he did it on our premium site: :

Kilpatrick’s tips

1. Start a business that meets a need. Go through disciplined thinking before launch. Make a business plan.

2. Be able to abandon your business model and pivot quickly.

3. Invest in your research and know your end consumer.

4. Hire people who have done similar and bigger work before.

5. Always over deliver for your customers.


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