Georgia Energy Star appliance rebates all claimed

Georgia consumers like the idea of owning more energy-efficient appliances -- especially when they get money back for buying one.

This week they snapped up the last of the $9.3 million in federal money available to state residents who bought Energy Star appliances since the Georgia Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program began in February.

The program was branded a success by Phil Foil, executive director of the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority, which administered it.

The total number of rebates granted won’t be available for another month or so, after all are processed. But GEFA spokesman Shane Hix said that as of Thursday, 91,410 rebates had been processed, worth $7.5 million. About 110,000 rebates will be granted when the counting is completed, the authority estimated.

Hix said that while all the rebates have been reserved, people who bought qualified appliances can still send in receipts and possibly get rebates if some that have been reserved are disqualified.

Rebates ranged in value from $25 for Energy Star freezers to $199 for certain types of water heaters, boilers and air source heat pumps. Refrigerator purchases garnered rebates of $50, dishwashers either $50 or $99, and central air conditioners $99. Clothes washers, dishwashers and refrigerators were the most popular purchases.